Life Insurance Basics Page Image

Life Insurance Products

National Western Life Insurance Company’s Life portfolio includes:

Traditional Underwriting (exam required):


  • NWL ® Term and NWL ® Secure Term

Universal Life

  • NWL Life 100 ®

Indexed Universal Life

  • NWL Lifetime Returns ®

Simplified Underwriting (no exam required):


  • NWL® Rapid Issue (Term)
  • NWL® Graded Death Benefit (Term)
  • NWL® Living Benefit Term

Whole Life

  • NWL® Rapid Issue (Whole Life)
  • NWL® Graded Death Benefit (Whole Life)
  • NWL® MAXWealth

Indexed Universal Life

  • NWL Lifetime Returns Select ®
  • NWL ® Lifetime Returns Solutions

National Western Life Insurance does not market or solicit life insurance in the state of New York. All products not available in all states